We once asked a group of clients their thoughts on creating the perfect logo.  With barely a breath, one of them blurted out “Everything is better with a pirate flag!” We decided at that moment that we wanted to be pirates.  Not the parrot on the shoulder kind of pirates  We want to be the type of pirates that think differently. The type of pirates who throw outdated training methods over the side of the ship.  We want to be fast…agile… maybe even rebellious.

We are a group that gets excited about moving organizations forward.  We are an outcome-based strategic development organization that helps businesses and individuals think differently about their path to sustainable achievement.

We get excited about the little things – like helping you to make your team as successful as possible.  There is nothing better than building relationships with business leaders and teams who seek continuous improvement.  We seek innovative ways to deliver experiential learning techniques that are anchored in humor, fun and energetic group interaction.

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